About us

Pologelati was born in the early 2000s in Foggia, in the middle of Daunia, merging three local companies (Lobozzo, Fini, Castiglione) that all dealt with ice cream production. Their aim was to fulfill the market demand meeting food new trends, increasing supply and satisfying customers demand.

Since the beginning the company stands out for producing ice cream tubes.  Pologelati decides to supplement its production introducing the multipack line including cones and biscuits in 2013 and the Linea Oro line including ice cream cakes and mastellini in 2014.

Progress, technology and passion are Pologelati trademarks. The company keeps on investing on automation without forgetting the tradition built up by Lobozzo work after 30 years of history brand.

The Corporate group

Pologelati has always been committed to respect the consumers’ needs and certify its social responsibility carefully choosing the raw materials and its suppliers. The Corporate group guarantees the supply chain quality following the IFS and BRC international standards.


Obtaining and preserving high quality standards show Pologelati commitment over the years. Focusing on increasing production quality and satisfying its clients have always been at the core of the company’s business strategies.


In order to maintain the cold chain Pologelati pays special attention to logistics, including fast and prompt delivery. Over the years the company have been developing expertise and extremely safe production methods. Pologelati is a reliable trading and production partner that is also focused on satisfying some large-scale distribution (GDO) groups.